Stop the Rot

Stop Telling Children "Brush Your Teeth"

Garth Pettit
Pettit, Garth

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

For 5 Centuries children have been told to Brush Your Teeth, generation after generation, Century after Century by; parents, grandparents, dentists, dental hygienists, dental therapists, teachers, schools, Education Departments, Dental Associations, health related government agencies and even The World Health Organization. The list is endless. Children are brainwashed to Brush Your Teeth from a very early age up to their teens. Brush Your Teeth has been causing oral diseases since before 1498, the year the first tooth brush to be made with bristles was patented. Brush Your Teeth is a 15th Century tooth cleaning instruction. Brush Your Teeth is a cleaning-only instruction. Brush Your Teeth does not leave the whole mouth clean. Brush Your Teeth does not leave vulnerable-to-disease mouth surfaces protected from disease. Brush Your Teeth does not predictably prevent oral diseases.

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