The Practical Guide To Exceptional Living

Creating and Living The Life of Your Dreams

Jim Garland

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

THE PRACTICAL GUIDE TO EXCEPTIONAL LIVING IS A MUST READ FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR EASY TO USE IDEAS TO IMPROVE THEIR LIFE ON ANY LEVEL. Forget the old work ethic of putting in 60-80 hour weeks and not having a life outside of your work and office. Stop being a victim of email, cell phone, and information overload. Whether your dream is more time with your family, better health, more money or simply more control over your life, the information inside will show you the way. This simple 132 page guide teaches: How Jim went from a stressed out, neurotic business owner who never left his business, to 10 weeks off a year. He took 40 days off in a row and only called the office twice! Learn how to effectively manage your time and the ever invasive email, voicemail and 24 hour accessibility we all suffer from. Discover and create Your Ultimate Life Experience™ and how to design your life for the realization of that dream. Learn how to regain your health and energy and get to your ideal weight by changing just a few things in your life. Find out how I got my cholesterol from 277 to 217 naturally. Learn about The Money Flow Rules™ and The Financial Stability Table™ and gain control over your finances and create lasting wealth. This book provides easy to understand and easy to use concepts that can be put to use immediately. From the house mom to the executive and from the student to the small business owner, anyone can read this book and start learning today.

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