In Their Own Words

12,000 Physicians Reveal Their Thoughts On Medical Practice in America

Phillip Miller

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

In Their Own Words invites you to become “doctor for a day” and see medical practice from the physicians’ perspective. Drawing on one of the largest physician surveys ever undertaken, “In Their Own Words” offers insights from hundreds of doctors, who reveal in candid comments exactly how they feel about being physicians and why it matters to patients. Read why: Close to half of all doctors plan to opt out of medical practice in the next one to three years, or reduce the number of patients they see. Many physicians are compelled to close their practices to Medicare and other patients. Health reform could reduce access to physicians. Most physicians would not recommend medicine as a career. Many physicians say they are strained to the breaking point. A wake up call for policy makers and the public, “In Their Own Words” reveals why what doctors think about the practice of medicine matters to anyone who cares about the quality and availability of healthcare in America today. If you have ever been a patient or are ever likely to be one, read In Their Own Words.

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