Consensus Is Not Kumbaya

Lessons In Tough-Minded Leadership

Rand Golletz

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Want Success? Discard Hardheadness for Tough Mindedness. No one knows better than Rand Golletz what it takes to transform hard-headed executives into tough-minded leaders. As a coach, he gets executives to: unlock the secrets of personal accountability, think critically in making decisions every day, and develop and sustain profitable business relationships. As an author, he distills the wisdom gleaned from his successful career as an executive, consultant, and coach into tough-minded lessons that stick.Here’s how to gain this wisdom for yourself. Place Consensus is Not Kumbaya on your night table, then read one brief chapter each night before lights-out. From that one digestible lesson, take one relevant action the next day. Do this consistently and things will shift. Guaranteed.

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