Power Phrases

The Perfect Words to Say it Right & Get the Results You Want

Meryl Runion

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Being Clear, Kind and Direct Can Get You What You Want in Life. Have You EVER been in a situation where you knew you should say something, but…you didn’t have the right words to say it? Never be left speechless again. Stand up and be heard! Here's What You Get! 1.  Searchable CD - Find the perfect phrase fast! 2. Questions and answers - See how PowerPhrases apply to daily life. 3. A 3-Step Process for saying “no.” - Get control of your life. 4. Exit lines - Gracefully get out of sticky situations. 5. The CASE formula - A four-step process to manage conflict. 6. 8 Steps to create your own PowerPhrases - The tools to speak powerfully. 7. Communication survey - Discover your own communication style & how to speak to people with different styles. 8. PowerPhrases Quick Reference Guide - Go directly to the phrases you need. 9. Success stories - Read how others have applied PowerPhrases! 10. Hundreds of carefully crafted phrases - Words that have been proven to work. “If you’d like to be able to say what you mean and mean what you say without being mean when you say it, I wrote this book for you. I know what a difference the tools in this book can make. Let them make a difference for you.”  - Meryl Runion, CSP

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