How To Get Your Wife In Bed

A Practical Plan To Creating A Powerful Relationship That Lasts A Lifetime

J. S. Peters
Peters, J. S.

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

This book has been created out of the reaction to the ever growing divorce rate in North America and the world as well as a belief that two people really can maintain the level of love and passion that they had in the beginning of the relationship.  I think that people forget the rewards that come with true love.   As a life long coach it is my challenge to identify and correct the areas that are hindering success in specific areas.  In this book we are look at why relationships are amazing in the beginning and seem to cool off as time goes by.  This isn’t rocket science, it is just dating and courtship. Men need to understand how to be happy in their relationships and how they have an incredible influence over the direction of that love.  We got these amazing women to love us, and it is up to us to keep the love growing.

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