60 Going on Fifty

The Baby Boomers Memory Book

Ed Poole
Kathi Poole

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Remember the good ol’ days?”  We often hear Baby Boomers ask that question, but do we take the time to really remember?  Do we share those stories with our children and grandchildren so they know who we are, how we lived our lives, and why we chose the paths we did? 60 Going on Fifty: The Baby Boomers Memory Book is the story of sixteen “guys” who graduated from Columbus High School (Indiana) in May, 1960.  With their 50th high school reunion on the horizon, the “Columbus Crew” reconnected.  The guys tell stories about growing up in the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s, and how those times impacted who they are today.  They share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, and journeys.  While the stories are unique to the Columbus Crew, their stories are certain to rekindle your memories of growing up in this glorious era, or show non-Boomers what life was like for your parents and grandparents. The Columbus Crew takes you back to the days of…flat tops, LPs, the Hula Hoop, transistor radios, Lassie, 20 cents per gallon gas, the Big Band Era to Rock and Roll.  The guys share stories of first cars, girlfriends, sports, jobs, getting into trouble and finding their way out, and much more.  Hop into your’57 Chevy ragtop and take a ride down memory lane.

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