The New 10

40 Days to Creating a Boldly Beautiful Life From the Inside Out

Dawn McIntyre

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

The New 10 is a profound forty day program and part of my personal mission to redefine beauty. Believing that I was fat and ugly for the majority of my life affected my sense of self-worth and self-esteem to the degree that I kept repeating self-sabotaging patterns until even the pain of that became too unbearable. I began to witness the same patterns in women and teens all around me and so in the name of all you women and teens, this program comes from my heart to yours. Recognizing and living by the inner beauty that intrinsically exists within us all is not difficult.  With the intention and commitment to live a boldly beautiful life, this book will transform you from the inside out, with ease and grace. This program will teach you many things, including: How to create beautiful thoughts as well as the value of doing so, What are ecstatic emotions and how do we maintain them, How to put the "sexy" back into self-esteem, regardless of your age, size or race, How having a wealth of well-being can help you to manifest a boldly beautiful life, Learn to love being physically active, What a healthy self-image is and how to have it, How to develop the qualities of courage, inner peace and patience, The wisdom of listening to your intuition and how to hear its unique voice in all circumstances … and much more! It is my hope that this book touches you deeply and inspires you to embrace the beauty of you, the goddess within, and express her boldly in the world.

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