One Great Spirit

Peace, Love, Wisdom, Power

Tae Swami

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Peace cycle. What is the beginning and destiny of man, we take birth and grow old and die, are we prepared to go to heaven, for the last three thousand years no one has gone to heaven, what is living in darkness, war and misery, Angels of darkness, Lords of darkness, gods of darkness. Also there is Kingdom of God in Heaven, Holy angels of light, Lords of light, God of light, and Great Spirit. In the former Peace cycle Moses led millions from Egypt to Israel. America is God’s country. In this peace cycle chosen people will be led separately to live in light, peace and love, all united with Holy angels, God and the Great Spirit, as teachers to guide us, to live perfect, pure, holy, united, with no leaders. Earthly education leads us to unhappiness, evil diseases, insecurity, and all types of problems. Man builds himself to destroy others, by wasting his time and energy, by making war machinery, medical system, laws, jails, polluted food, water and air, and so on. Most of the things we do on earth are a waste; men go round and round in the circles of darkness unable to come out. Men need much higher education to live a perfect life. All types of diseases can be healed with the help of Holy angels; water on the earth can be purified; the air of the earth can be purified. Earthquakes can be stopped; hard winter can be changed into good weather. Holy Angels will teach us all types of spiritual education but men have to prepare themselves with discipline and purity. Holy Angels taught us through chosen men to discover electricity, invent planes, ships and cars for our travel, worldwide telecommunication, schools and colleges but all that is part of the education. In the Father’s Kingdom all types of educations will be given to the chosen men of God.

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