Finding Life's Secret Sauce

How to fit good food, fitness, and fun into your crazy, busy schedule

Melinda Hinson Neely

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Busy people, whether single or married, male or female, employed by a huge corporation or working at home, lead crazy, busy lives. Though many aspire to be healthier and happier, it can be intimidating to figure out how and when to accomplish such goals. Finding Life's Secret Sauce offers common sense and practical suggestions, ones that can fit into a schedule and lifestyle that already exist. This formula for well-being is not about being size zero or building bulging muscles; it’s a newly defined, comprehensive approach to wellness: Eating right, Staying Fit and Other “Life” Factors (e.g., social, professional, intellectual, spiritual). Though Finding Life's Secret Sauce doesn’t offer short-term guarantees to lose weight, it does suggest constructive ways to feel great – for life.

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