My Doctor Never Told Me That!

Things you always wanted to know about our health?without all the technical MUMBO JUMBO

Christine Spurlock

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Knowledge is power. The more someone knows, the more empowered they become. People know how to live sick but the Spurlock’s want you to learn how to live well. People should be able to understand important health issues and through My Doctor Never Told Me That, you can absorb that information at your own pace, in your own time.  You will enjoy and understand, rather than feel threatened or challenged as you read My Doctor Never Told Me That. The articles have a light tone and in a simple language that makes learning fun. During office visits, time is short. This is a big reason why so may health care professionals have difficulty communicating, much less teaching their patients. If you want to be knowledgeable about health topics but couldn’t get past the ‘medical jargon’ or get a clear, understandable answer from your doctor, then My Doctor Never Told Me That will have you feeling empowered as you gain a better understanding about your health and how it is affected by the world around you.

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