The Naked Executive

How Being Honest Can Change Your Life Forever

Kelly Davies
Davies, Kelly

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

We don’t want to hurt people’s feelings. We don’t want to deal with other people’s reactions to truth-so we lie. Sounds sort of harsh, but its true. We compromise ourselves in small ways every day by not acknowledging and speaking the truth. It’s just too inconvenient to tell the truth with compassion and clarity---so we continue to lie until we find ourselves in places we never wanted to be, living a life that is not ours. This will continue your entire life---unless you get naked. Naked: honest in your thoughts, actions and words. Kelly Davies says being honest can change your life forever and has a proven formula for getting naked, one AHAA moment at a time. By Acknowledging the truth, Handling the emotions, Apologizing and then Accepting the change in our relationships we can slowly remove fears and feelings that are keeping us stuck in lives that we don’t want to live. Kelly reveals her naked self in the book, which provides a safe place for the reader to get naked. By getting naked, we find truth and freedom, which can change your life forever. When you’re naked there are no more dead end relationships, no more struggles with the would have’s and could have’s, finally empowering you to live the life you were meant to live.

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