Customers are the Answer to Everything

How to Get and Keep all the Customers Your Business Wants

Martha Hanlon
Chris Williams

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

The goal of "Customers are the Answer to Everything" is to show each individual business how they can find customers suited for them and---even better---how their ideal customers can find them. The book content is unique and appealing, and easy for any business to execute. The premise is based on the authors’ experience of working with over 2300 clients just like you. We have uncovered 9 leverages that will catapult any business into action. These leverages focus on getting customers through the door. You’ll identify the key leverages for your business. And you will be pleasantly pleased that all the leverages are either FREE or very affordable to execute. They do not require any special systems or big marketing budgets. All businesses deserve to have all the customers they want. They say it’s The Year of the Entrepreneur. We say it’s The Year of the Customer. Customers make the Entrepreneur.

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