Hierarchy Of Love

The Guide to Help You Get the Best of Someone's Love

Kenya L. Coleman

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Many people want a loving committed relationship but can’t seem to get to happily ever after. Many of us keep starting over, hoping the next one will be the last one. Others simply stay in relationships that make them miserable, hoping for that magical day when things will change.  They probably won’t.  The problem is a host of different things, some we are aware of and the rest...we don’t have a clue!  Hierarchy of Love intends to give you “a clue”…Several in fact! Love, is a broad topic, leading to many questions. This author has focused on one question; how do we get the best of someone’s love?  If you need an answer to that question; Hierarchy of Love, will give you that and so much more. Real love evokes inspiration. Hierarchy of Love will teach you how to inspire your mate to love you the way you want to be loved. You will have several aha moments!

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