When Our Leaders Do Bad Things

Help Other People in Your Chosen Field and Discover a Fortune for Yourself

Mangal Dan Dipty

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

There are three psychological power tools presented in When Our Leaders Do Bad Things. First, the three-dimensional thinking method, which is a decision-making tool. Secondly, the biological stress defense mechanism, a tool for taking action immediately. Understanding and applying these first two tools can help individuals choose the best course of action in the midst of emotional confusion, a common plight among leaders and those who live in the limelight. Lastly, the negative thinking method, a precious tool to control passion, addiction, and other emotions such as greed and lust and counterproductive behavior. These tools not only help individuals make the best decisions and take right actions, they also can help them extinguish anger, frustration, and stress. In addition, this book provides information about styles of communication and ways to enhance one’s communication skill.

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