Powerful Peace

A Navy SEAL's Lessons on Peace from a Lifetime at War

J. Robert DuBois

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Powerful Peace is a logical arrangement of brief topics on conflict. Four progressive sections (Body, Mind, Heart and Soul) each contain a dozen, easily-digestible but hard-hitting chapters. Each chapter builds on the one before it in leading the reader to first understand that force is sometimes necessary, that persuasion is more powerful, and that some conflict is unnecessary and preventable. The goal of Powerful Peace is to open the reader’s mind about other cultures to comprehend that different does not have to mean wrong, and that an individual’s life can be richer and more enjoyable by trying out some of the concepts contained in Powerful Peace. Powerful Peace is unique and appealing. Never before has a book been written by a SEAL with the intent of reducing conflict and its painful consequences for innocent victims. Powerful Peace addresses the hot topic of American fatigue from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Also, today’s political environment is souring many citizens' confidence in the direction of our national leadership. Powerful Peace offers hope that real solutions are available.

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