Courage For The Rest Of US

Going From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Jim Eschrich

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Courage. When that word is uttered, more often than not it’s in connection with heroic deeds involving someone running into a burning building to rescue someone or stepping into the line of fire to protect a buddy. And while such selfless acts certainly reflect great courage, there is another level of courage that lies beneath the surface waiting to emerge. Though not as extreme, it’s a critical element necessary for successful living. In his book Courage for the Rest of Us, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and former member of the U.S. National Bobsled Team, Jim Eschrich explains that ultimate success and deep satisfaction comes only when we are living life authentically and with passion. Doing that takes courage. Circumstances, people, and life in general have ways of keeping us locked into expectations. Whether it’s in our careers, businesses, or personal lives, it takes courage to step out from the norm, and often against the tide, to live the life that we know deep inside that we were meant to live. Through Jim’s first hand, and often outrageous experiences, he demonstrates what it means to reach down and find the courage to counter the expected, release the enthusiasm, and create defining, life-altering, moments. He shows us that ordinary people can live extraordinary lives of passion and fulfillment. In Courage for the Rest of Us you’ll learn what it means to: Be true to yourself, Toss the victim mentality and let your problems push you to greatness, Take appropriate risks, Fail forward, See through your fears to take action, Step out of your comfort zone, Execute your dreams effectively, Create and ride the wave of momentum. Courage for the Rest of Us is all about keeping the adventure alive in you!

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