Structures for Strategy

The Business Plan

Allen H. Munro

Morgan James Publishing (publisher) decisions have long term consequences both positive and negative and must be deployed with diligence. The Structures for Strategy Business Plan is a strategy-crafting tool ideal for attracting interest in business development/expansion ideals. This formula is of specific interest to decision-making parties for use as a comprehensive checklist in addressing sound investment intent. A BUSINESS PLAN IS A PROJECT PROPOSAL. It must gather objective reasoning into a strategic package that highlights the proposal's possibilities. It must also contain sufficient information to attract involvement. This Business Plan will assist in providing evidence of both feasibility and viability and include the majority of ingredients necessary when challenged in regard to the objectivity of its purpose. Useful for the SBU/General/Corporate Manager, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur...seeking to ensure that the project is presented with the best impact. The unique design of the framework templates and methodology, utilized throughout the planning format, provides a pathway towards motivating the confidence required by third party participants.

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