Structures for Strategy

The Promotions Plan

Allen H. Munro

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

...promotions decisions have long term consequences both positive and negative and must be deployed with diligence. The Structures for Strategy Promotions Plan is a strategy-crafting tool ideal for market communications planning. This formula is of specific interest to promotion, pr & sales managers for use as a comprehensive checklist in addressing strategic exposures. PROMOTIONS PLANNING is about the integration of promotional elements such as advertising, direct response, identity and image communication focused on revenue aims. Accuracy of exposure and correctness of processing ensures tightest targeting at segment sensitivities and responsiveness. Useful for the SBU/General/Corporate Manager, Small Business Owner, Entrepreneur...seeking to ensure that the brand they manage is deployed with the best results. The unique design of the framework templates and methodology, utilized throughout the planning format, provides a pathway towards a highly-focused communications campaign.

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