Welcome to the Big Leagues

Every Man's Journey to Significance, The Darrel Chaney Story

Dan Hettinger

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Darrel Chaney made it to the Big Leagues. He played for 7 years on one of the best teams ever to take the field, the Cincinnati Reds—the Big Red Machine. He played in 4 National League Championship Series and 3 World Series. He was in the game that the Major League Baseball Network considered the best game of the last 50 years—game 6 of the 1975 World Series. But Darrel had a nagging frustration that eroded his belief in his significance. Disappointments, setbacks and opposition attacked his dream. He was a utility player among superstars. Most men are utility players. They face the same battles that Darrel faced. They get frustrated and lose enthusiasm for work and life itself. But, when a man discovers his God given significance, he enjoys life more and does better in it. Then, whatever his game, he is in the Big Leagues.

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