The Soul of a Nation

Japan's Destiny

Dianna Matsumoto

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Where can we go from God's presence? He is everywhere; He knows everything. His fingerprints are throughout the universe—each galaxy, each planet, and each individual are all designed by Him with uniqueness and purpose. In His written Word, we see a timeline with a beginning and an end. In-between those two points, world history is being written. This book is an appeal to the Japanese to participate in the life and purposes of God for this great nation. The Soul of a Nation: Japan's Destiny (also available in Japanese titled Kami no Kuni, Nippon) presents God's claim on the nation of Japan. The account has its beginnings in Japan's earliest history but sends a compelling message to people today. The reader can see that the Creator has shown Himself to be the God of the Japanese people.

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