Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies

Escape the Web of Deceit That Holds You Back

Ray Traylor
Tony Meggs

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Don’t Let a Dirty Secret Block Your Way to Success!What’s holding you back from achieving your full potential for Christ?  Usually we hide our struggles out of shame or guilt.  If you or someone you love has a dirty secret, then this book is for you. Learn how to:• Tap into God’s unlimited power• Be controlled by your faith and will, not by your feelings• Visualize yourself as the man or woman God intends you to be• Thrive no matter what life throws at you• Never be caught off guard by the difficulties of life• Overcome shame, guilt, anger, anxiety, and depression• Create a supportive environment in which you will flourishHere are a few examples of more than a dozen case studies you’ll find in Dirty Secrets, Dirty Lies.  These people overcame their obstacles by applying these principles. You can, too!• Jared’s journey to recovery started when he realized that gambling is a losing proposition.• Josh and Brittney discovered the underlying issue that convinced them they must train their son to be good.• Joey learned the hard way that infatuation can wreck your emotions and that it is easy to be tricked.• Amy’s husband discovered how to help her understand how worries had paralyzed her.• Margie learned how ministering to others could help her overcome her weight problem.• When Richard’s church practiced “tough love,” he became less abusive and more loving.• Stephanie learned to trust God when she realized God really cared about her .For over 35 years, Ray Traylor has ministered to hundreds of people individually and in small groups.  He is a conference speaker and workshop leader for churches and Christian organizations.  He is happily married to Brenda Traylor, and together they have five adult children and one grandson.

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