The Mommy Mafia

The Urban Dictionary of Mothers

L. J. Charleston

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

The Mommy Mafia is the Urban Dictionary of Mothers – think of it as Mommy profiling. The politics of motherhood is complicated, yet also highly amusing. If motherhood is akin to the Mafia, which “family” do you belong to? Are you the Olympic Mom (“Your kid isn’t walking yet? Wow, he’s so slow! My Thomas walked at nine months!”), so competitive she grills other Moms as to the duration of her labor or her child’s milestones? Or are you the ER Mom, who takes her offspring to the hospital at the first sign of a sniffle? Maybe you’re Organic Mom (“Don’t you realize cow’s milk is filled with cancer-causing chemicals?”) or Horny Mom (“Isn’t motherhood the best time to start sleeping around?”) or Boot Camp Mom, who runs her kids’ lives to a strict routine. The Mommy Mafia features more than seventy types of Moms, and whether you are one of these Moms, are related to one, or are friends with one…it’s time mothers laughed at themselves!

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