Love to Grow

Remove Your Financial Barriers, Grow Your Wealth and Succeed in Your Business

Trish Love

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Love to Grow offers you the specific ingredients needed to permanently improve your business or personal results. You will learn how to identify your individual money style, the seven steps to wealth creation, and how to manage business growth and leadership issues. While most self-help books only explain what to do, Love to Grow also adds why your wealth-creation efforts may not have worked in the past. It explains what to focus on, why to do that, and how to review and adapt to your individual circumstances in a practical, powerful way. Part II of the book explains how to apply your financial beliefs and actions to your leadership and customize them to different stages in your business growth. Aimed primarily at small to medium-sized business owners, this powerful guide can help anyone who wants to improve their financial circumstances. All you have to do is learn and apply the secrets of Love to Grow and you will achieve your desired version of wealth.

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