The Accidental Millionaire

Leaping From Chance to Mastery in the Game of Life

Stephanie Frank

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Imagine…YOU as a millionaire in your own business. Look through the eyes of The Accidental Millionaire, Stephanie Frank, as she takes you on a journey of triumph and tears, laughter and loss while building not one but two multimillion-dollar service businesses. Read and learn as she gives you the inside scoop: the strategies, secrets, and truth for what it really takes to achieve entrepreneurial success, make the right decisions, break through barriers, and become the powerful leader of your life. You will laugh, you will cry—but most of all you will be inspired to take profitable action! HERE’S WHAT YOU WILL LEARN:• How to make the RIGHT decisions in your life—every time• Secrets to building a world-class business on a shoestring budget• The simple formula for TOTAL FOCUS to achieve your goals effortlessly• How to be productive 100 percent of the time• The single money mastery technique you MUST know• The Four Powerful Principles of Business Mastery• How to stop sabotaging your own financial success• Practical techniques to duplicate yourself and double your profits

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