The Wealthy Teacher

Answering the Question ''What's Next?''

Victoria Boyd

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

What’s next? A common question asked by those in change. Are you asking, What’s next? You could possibly be on an employment roller coaster or facing layoff or dissatisfied with your current career and thinking, “I need more!” or you've always dreamed of starting a business. Get started answering your What’s next? Learn to shift fear to excitement, reignite your passion, honor your values and use your skills to create a life you love. Get off the roller coaster, go to the next level and start THRIVING!! Written from an educator’s perspective, yet applicable to anyone, Dr. Boyd uses her past experiences and skills to help others find their path and explore the world of entrepreneurism. Let her guide you through a new journey—a solid foundation and path grounded in passion and values.

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