The Most Important Lesson

What My Mother Taught Me That Will Change Alzheimer's and Dementia Care Forever

Laura Anthony

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Our society is buckling under the demands of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia care, and now a simple but innovative approach has arrived. Laura Anthony brings you on her real-life journey of love and discovery as she cares for her mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Tired, frustrated, and confused, her caregiving responsibilities left her worn out and angry. One day, quite by accident, her mother provided an unexpected insight to make Laura challenge the status quo on how to communicate with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. That seemingly simple moment in time opened a world of infinite possibilities and returned peace, love, and respect to their relationship. The Most Important Lesson provides the framework for caregivers and families to create a legacy of their own with their loved one and bring comfort, support, and greater purpose and meaning in the process. Society and future generations will benefit from the wisdom of our loved ones when following the guidelines contained in The Most Important Lesson.

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