Give and Be Rich

Tapping the Circle of Abundance

Penny Tremblay

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Can you really have whatever you want in life?Absolutely! The true nature of abundance is that it has no limits. No matter where you are in your life, you have what it takes to give and receive gifts of tremendous value. Change your mindset from one of having  to one of giving, and allow the dynamic flow of abundant energy into your life.Be prepared to:* Become rich now---in self-worth, relationships, health, time, spirit, and wealth;* Discover and enhance your inner gifts;* Determine what’s blocking your path to success and make subtle changes for instant results* Decide how much you’re willing to receive in life, and create space for the inward flow of abundance.You can have it all, here and now.The key to riches and self-fulfillment lies in giving what you already have---first to yourself, then to others, in charity and in business, and finally, being fully receptive to receive the abundance that awaits you.Are you ready to enrich your life and reap the benefits?

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