Do You Have a Tipped Uterus

69 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew

Melissa Wolf

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Did you know, every woman has a tipped uterus, and ovarian cysts are usually normal (even when they burst)? Have you ever wondered how to balance your hormones, why you have to repeat yourself at the doctor’s office or why your yeast infection keeps coming back? Have you agonized about your pap smear results or worried that you may have cancer? What exactly is a pap smear anyway? In Do You Have a Tipped Uterus: 69 Things Your Gynecologist Wishes You Knew, board-certified obstetrics and gynecology physician, Dr. Melissa Wolf, addresses the questions most commonly asked in her gynecology office with both humor and medical expertise. She also details practical strategies for weight management, enhanced mood, improved libido, and most importantly, what to do when you encounter your gynecologist in public (hint: don’t worry, she won’t remember your vagina)!

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