Average Joe's Story

Quest for Confidence

Christopher L. Hedges

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Are you an Average Joe or Plain Jane who feels trapped by your current circumstances and in search for more out of life? If you are than Average Joe’s Story is your story.Average Joe’s Story is the real time account of Christopher L. Hedges, aka Average Joe, as he fights his way free from the adversity that has ensnared him. Like you Average Joe’s views were shaped at a young age; but his experiences were uncommon. Average Joe’s real world life experiences are those of Hollywood fantasy, and like any epic story Average Joe is confronted by great adversity.We are all given opportunities in life and the decisions we make determine where we go, how long it takes us to get there, and how painful the journey can be. Sometimes you may need to take monstrous steps backwards in order to have the chance to trek your way up to the summit of success.Average Joe knows from first hand experience that when you peel away enough layers there is little difference between an oil baron and a gas station attendant.  Which would you prefer to be?Take a journey with Average Joe from as bad as it gets to where you want to be. If you are looking for directions to something better than this is an Quest you need to experience. Point A is where you currently find yourself. Take the trip with Average Joe to Point B, where you want to be. Average Joe is waiting for you. Do you have the courage to join him at the top?

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