Pastors at Risk

Protecting Your Future Guarding Your Present

Charles A. Wickman

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Are You On Your Way Out?Each month over fifteen hundred pastors are forced to resign their positions. Most never realized they were at-risk of losing their positions in the days before it happened. Pastors At-Risk addresses this phenomenon thereby alerting its readers to the attitudes and actions that take so many entirely out of ministry.Through This Easy to Read Book, You Will Discover:* What at-risk means, where it leads* What it is that takes you from at-risk to at-ease* Affirmations you make even when it’s still tough* Real life stories of pastors in their own wordsPastors At-Risk is a must-read for pastors, seminarians and for lay people who want to keep the pastor they love. Buy it for yourself, an officer of your church or as a gift to your pastor.Dr. Charles A. Wickman served over forty years as a pastor. Twenty years ago he founded the Pastor-in-Residence program, a church-based ministry to exited and at-risk pastors, and for the last twelve years was its national president. He and his colleagues have worked with dozens of pastors without call and have taken scores of surveys to come to the conclusions he presets in Pastors At-Risk.

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