The Hero Inside You

A 90 Day Journey to Purpose, Power, and the Person You Were Meant to Be

Tony Edgell

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

There is nothing more unmotivating than working just for a paycheck and believing money and materialism will bring happiness, or selling your soul for what we have been taught to believe will make us happy.How do you know if you’re living your purpose?  When you’re living your purpose, you are motivated, grateful, inspired, joyful, peaceful, and experience abundance. The complete opposite of this is just surviving and doing what everyone else is doing.Everyone wants to be a Hero and share their calling to make the world a better place. Everyone wants to feel passion in life. The challenge is to find the gift buried below all the societal conditioning we have absorbed in our life and what we are told will bring us joy.  You can find that spark of divinity and empowerment inside of you. Anyone committed to embracing and applying the practical tools in The Hero Inside You can change the way they feel, find their calling, thrive and fall in love with life.The Hero Inside You teaches you how to find your purpose buried deep inside the heart; you cannot use the logical mind the way most people think and believe to discover this purpose. . .this calling. Learn how take the Hero’s journey and live the life you were meant to live and be the true you---a Hero.

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