Sacred Seeds of Redemption

40 True Stories to Encourage Your Heart

Lela Gillow Buchanan

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

How often do we struggle to make sense of situations in life, wondering if, by some chance, we are just not following the right directions? Is there some secret life code that we were never taught? Suppose we all, inclusively, hold the tools but are merely unaware that we do? In Sacred Seeds of Redemption the author reveals her own journey toward understanding and, ultimately, acceptance of the ambiguities and challenges of ordinary life.As you read, you will catch glimpses of both the best and the worst of human behaviors and responses. Using your spiritual eyes and mind, you will also see the “under” story, the redemptive work of a vigilant and loving God---a God who wants His children to accept their intrinsic value and realize their infinite potential.You may laugh a little or shed a few tears. You may see yourself or someone you love in the various characters. Look closely for God’s fingerprints. They are all over these imperfect lives.

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