The Leader's SEEcret

Asking the Right Questions and Embracing God's Answers

Skip Garmo

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

Are you a current or emerging Christian leader who yearns to make a significant long-term difference?Do you sometimes wonder how to distinguish what is imperative from what is important?Are you a board member who wants your church or parachurch leadership team to become more intentional and on-target about doing the right things the right way?The Leader's SEEcret is a parable that explores and applies God’s Word to today’s world of leadership diversions. It delves underneath the surface issues of a leader’s or manager’s knowledge and skills.The Leader's SEEcret will help you discover, understand, and apply ten core features of one ancient principle. You will understand how to infuse the situations you face as a leader or manager with that timeless reality. And you will learn how you can inspire your staff to do so, too.Along the way, The Leader's SEEcret shows the failure and regret a leader causes when his or her current leadership priorities conflict with lifetime purposes.This story comes in a concise, get-to-the-point writing style, making it very helpful for individual or group study.One warning: The principle undergirding LeaderSlip is simple---but not necessarily easy. If you take the challenge, you will become a more effective leader and---perhaps even more crucial---you will protect yourself from eventual failure.

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