40 Unbreakable Laws of Money

Laws for Business, Success and Life

Wayne Wakefield

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

40 Unbreakable Laws Of Money reveals Wayne Wakefield’s “Hidden” secrets to the money and business world that only the few wealthy know. Through almost 30-years of business and finance, Wayne discovered Laws that must be followed that secure success.  He breaks the money world down with humor and a very common sense approach that brings major revelation to those who dare to take the time to read and invest in themselves.“Wealth has very little to do with money, it is about ‘applied knowledge’ and ‘your mindset.”Who told you, you had to go to a bank or a lender with your hat in your hand to qualify for a loan?Who told you, you had to pay for your home, car, boat and plane?  Get someone else to pay for them!Where did you learn that you must have a good job to become financially independent?Make almost everything owned legally tax deductable; including this book!Where did you learn that it took a college education, good credit and a savings account to become wealthy and financially independent?40 Unbreakable Laws of Money teaches why you should always be a “Wealthy-Poor Person!”Wayne opens the world of money and the secrets to the free enterprise system to create a mindset that challenges and changes everything you were taught.  You will not have to memorize the 40 Unbreakable Laws because they will become part of you as you complete each chapter. You will immediately recognize and start changing what you do financially through a revelatory new mindset.“You will never be able to go back and you will never think the same way again!”

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