Origin of My Birthplace

Knowing God and Connecting to the Source of Life

John Blackwell

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

One of the best things that can happen to any person is to connect with the Source of Life and to know God directly. Many people know about the Source. Many learn about God. The ones who learn to know God directly become more fully human. They enter into communion with the Source of Life. They learn to recognize the mysteries that are unfolding right before their eyes. They become more loving. They learn to forgive. They discover that life is filled with great wonder and astonishing beauty. Not only does your birthplace have an origin, but you can recognize it, see it, and return there from time to time. This has happened to many people. It can happen to you. "Origin of My Birthplace" will allow you to make your own connections and discover your own way. You can know and participate in the astonishing mystery that unfolds in your life.

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