Verse to Verse

A Collection of Inspirational Christian Poetry

Jennifer West Fuqua

Morgan James Publishing (publisher)

These poems were forged during a very difficult time in the author's life; a time she survived only by finding in God's Word the comfort of knowing the God Who is always there. These poems were born out of the inner knowledge that what the Scripture says is absolutely true: that God sent his only Son into the world to die for her and that through His love, she would persevere. As this knowledge and reality dawned on her, these poems came into her heart and were frantically scribbled onto a notepad. Since all of these poems were birthed from the Word of God, it seemed reasonable to entitle the entire collection ""Verse to Verse"" since that is in fact what they are: Bible verses written as poetic verses. It is her hope that everyone who reads these poems, be it for study, inspiration, or leisure will experience the presence of our God.

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