Meditation for Beginners

15 Helpful Exercises for Natural Balance

Madame Missou

Paul Wesendonk (publisher)

Meditation is being in the here and now. Letting go of the past and expecting the future in peace. Feeling the nourishment of the universal energy. Living life in an awakened state. Meditation is also a scientifically proven remedy to reduce stress, relax tensions, and strengthen overall health.

In this little guide to meditation Madame Missou offers 15 forms of meditation that are
• Easy to implement
• Usable in every stage of life
• No prior knowledge necessary
• No spirituality necessary

Because meditation and a mindful life can and should be a part of everyday life. Thus, the exercises are short, variable, and never ask more of you than you can give. Amidst the hectic hours of the ocean that is your day, they offer little islands of relaxation, focus, composure, of a return to the true self. From walking meditation to hand Yoga: you simply choose the exercises that speak to you intuitively. All proposals can be utilized right away. At the same time they can open the doors to a deeper practice of meditation.

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