Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage

Steve "Doc" Dragoo

Dunham Books (publisher)

Have you ever dreamed of taking the stage in life? The message of SING! Business and Life Lessons from the Karaoke Stage will stretch your imagination, challenge your routine, and inspire you to change your approach to both work and play. Each section is full of short, easy-to-digest insights drawn from the author's life experiences, career-built business savvy, and 20 fun-filled years of stepping onstage at karaoke night. The sections, themed around the advice to Step Up, Inspire, develop a Nexus, and Go forward, draw clear connections between the value of doing fun well, and succeeding in your career. Interviews with karaoke enthusiasts further illustrate the power of karaoke to help even novices overcome their fear of failure, conquer stage-fright, build their confidence, boost their creativity, deepen relationships with their community, and go for goals they never imagined before. Practical business tips will help the reader apply these lessons to the workplace and to everyday life.

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