The Fragile Face of God

A True Story About Light, Darkness, and the Hope Beyond the Veil

LeeAnn Taylor

Dunham Books (publisher)

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Can our darkest hour give rise to miracles? Can departed loved ones intervene on our behalf? And can the most fragile among us light the way? In this heart rending true account, LeeAnn Taylor opens with an urgent prayer for death. With unrelenting honesty, she describes her harrowing battles raising three children with Fragile X syndrome and autism, the frightening episodes with her disabled sons, and the anguish of mothering these fragile children. When her ordeal escalates, she turns to death as her only escape.
LeeAnn's story takes the reader deep into the heart of the human spirit. It is the chilling account of one woman's tragic descent into the darkness and, ultimately, her triumphant emergence into the light of redeeming love. Chronicled by her own journal entries, The Fragile Face of God is a celebration of humanity - both the fragile and the sublime - and an intimate view into what makes our journey here one of purpose and eternal significance.

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