How It Works

  1. Publishers and Self Published authors sign up, fill out their profile, and upload books

  2. BookGrabbr then pulls out the “digital spine” of the book and allows the author or publisher the ability to choose how far they want readers to read within their books.

  3. Then, authors share these extended previews directly from their BookGrabbr account to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn.

  4. The author’s post to social media invites readers to read in exchange for sharing to their friends on whatever social media platform they wish.

  5. Readers are prompted to purchase a full copy of the book upon completing the extended preview.

  6. Publishers and Self Published authors can track analytics in real time from their dashboard and re-share as much as they like

  7. As authors continue to grow their social media and share on a regular basis, they will overtime see readership, impressions, and sales continue to increase!

What is Bookgrabbr?

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